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Cleansing Foaming Gel
CLEANSING FOAMING GEL: LANGÉ Cleansing Pro-Active Foaming Gel will turn into foam, during application. It will cleanse skin thouroughly without any dryness effect in order to avoid an hyperseborrhea phenomenon, a main cause of acne. This gel combines: Purifying agents,Antibacterian agents,Active Ingredients with an astringent activity. Active ingredients: Glycerin (humectant, hydratating), Salicylic acid (astringent, antibacterial, purifying, exfoliating), Zinc (astringent, purifying), Iris Extract (anti-inflammatoring, bacteriostatic, astringent, sebo-regulator) DIRECTION of SAFE USE Apply with circular movments on a wet face particularly on the T zone. Rinse a lot. Avoid contact with eyes. ..
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Perfect-Me Serum
PERFECT-ME SERUM: This non-oily & lightely scented treatment serum has been specially formulated for acne-prone skin. With a light, fresh texture, this pleasant serum will contribute to: Lighten blemish skin; Provide softness and hydration; Fight against acne causes, thanks to its natural ingredients. Active ingredients: By-product of azelaic acid: whitening, brightening and anti-acne action, Salicylic acid: keratolytic agent which helps dead cellules elimination and anti-inflammatory activity, Association of oleanolic acid and NDGA inside an osmotic gel: fights against every acne causes, Chitosan succinamide: film former agent which provide sofness and hydration. DIRECTION of SAFE USE Apply every morning and evening in using gentle, tapping motions on the problem area. Avoid contact with eyes. ..
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Preparing Tonic Lotion
This lotion is a tonic that will help to minimise pore size with its astringent ingredients and boost sebum regulating action on your skin. Skin is smoother and complexion is brighter, thanks to LANGÉ Toning Lotion which : Clears away dead cells, Prevents blackheads, Absorbs excess of sebum.   Active ingredients: Zinc PCA : A sebum regulating anti-microbial activity to reduce the bacteria proliferation. Stinging Nettle (URTICA Dioca) extract : anti-acne virtues, being anti-inflammatory, seboregulating and antiseptic, Sodium lactate : hydrating the upper layers of the epidermis, Salicylic acid which contributes to the skin renewal, Allantoin : skin repairing agent that accelerates cells regeneration, Panthenol (Pro-vitamine B5) Sooting and moisturizing properties. Directions: Apply every morning and evening with ..
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Young Skin Care Starter Kit
YOUNG SKIN CARE STARTER KIT ACNE MEDICATION PROGRAM for a CLEAR & HEALTHY LOOKING SKIN This salicylic acid based treatment kit has been formulated for acne-prone skin. The three product it contains have been specifically formulated to treat acne symptoms with their seboregulator, keratolytic and antibacterial properties. Apply every day during three months to help: Gently exfoliate the skin; Smooth and hydrate skin while matifying it; Prevent pimples and blackhead formation. Includes: Foaming Gel Net Vol. 4.05 FL. OZ Preparing Lotion, N.W. 6.08 OZ Perfect-Me Serum Net Vol. 0.68 FL. OZ Your Clearing Program Step by Step, Direction of Safe Use: STEP 1: Every morning and evening, apply one drop of FOAMING GEL with circular motion on a wet face. Insist particularly on the T zone. Then rinse well and pat skin dry. Avoid contact with eyes. STEP 2: Apply PREPARING..
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