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Deep Purifying Foaming Cleansing Gel

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 22806
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FOAMING CLEANSING GEL (Suitable to sensitive skin)

A formula with a very mild and gentle detergent to efficiently clean the face, without causing any feeling of. Its floral fragrance is highly enjoyable. Soothing, astringent, emollient and moisturizing; Creates an instant impression of comfort; Prepare skin to following skin care treatments.

Main Active Ingredients:

Cleansing base (mild and gentle detergent with natural base), Mallow extract (soothing, astringent, emollient and moisturizing) and Saint John’s Wort extract (soothing, antiseptic and regenerative).

Directions: Moisten face with lukewarm water. Apply a few drops of the foaming cleanser onto fingertips and apply on the face. Massage well to obtain foam. Rinse the foam off well with lukewarm water. Use up to twice a day.



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