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This salicylic acid based treatment kit has been formulated for acne-prone skin. The three product it contains have been specifically formulated to treat acne symptoms with their seboregulator, keratolytic and antibacterial properties.Apply every day during three months, to help:Gently exfoliate the skin,Smooth and hydrate skin while matifying it,Prevent pimples and blackhead formation.

Includes:Foaming Gel Net Vol. 4.05 FL. OZPreparing Lotion, N.W. 6.08 OZPerfect-Me Serum Net Vol. 0.68 FL. OZ

Your Clearing Program Step by Step, Direction of Safe Use:

STEP 1: Every morning and evening, apply one drop of FOAMING GEL with circular motion on a wet face. Insist particularly on the T zone. Then rinse well and pat skin dry. Avoid contact with eyes.

STEP 2: Apply PREPARING LOTION morning and evening with a cotton pad taping skin gently. Avoid contact with eyes.

STEP 3: It is important to cleanse face thoroughly in Steps 1 and 2 before applying SERUM. Cover the entire affected face area with a thin layer up to three times daily. Because excessive drying of skin may occur, start with one application daily then gradually increase to two or three times daily if needed. If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day.

Skin is clear and fresh. T Zone is matt, complexion is bright & unified.

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Botanical Eye Contour Cream
EYE CONTOUR CREAM Benefiting from the latest bio-technological advances, LANGÉ Eye Contour Cream effectively diminishes the appearance of fine lines, dark circles & under eye puffiness. Specifically formulated to protect the most delicate facial tissues, it corrects existing & cosmetic imperfections, leaving skin noticeably youthful & radiant. Use day and/or night, as a cosmetic base or to fix cosmetic flaws. Prevents and fights against the visible signs of skin ageing; Moisturizes, revitalizes & comforts, creating long-lasting protection for your skin; Quickly penetrating formula produces a significant improvement within 30 minutes of application. Active ingredients: Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Camellia oil (it has restructuring, moisturising and also excellent film-forming properties so it pampers the skin), Silicium derivative (an efficie..
$169.00 Ex Tax: $153.64
Botanical Nourishing & Moisturizing Night Cream
NOURISHING & MOISTURIZING NIGHT CREAM A highly effective formula, LANGÉ Nourishing & Moisturizing Night Cream revitalizes dull, tired & over-stressed skin. It addresses the visible signs of ageing, restores essential nutritive elements and maintains your skin's softness, firmness & suppleness. LANGÉ Night Cream prevents fine lines and wrinkles, while it leaves your skin appearing fresh, youthful & rested. Use nightly, for a soft & radiant complexion. Maintains your skin's softness, firmness and suppleness; Prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Restores the fresh, youthful-looking radiance of your skin Active ingredients: Shea Butter (moisturizing, soothing, protects against free radicals), Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Camellia oil (it has restructuring, moisturising and also excellent film-forming properties so it pamper..
$189.00 Ex Tax: $171.82
Botanical Nutri-Protection Day Cream
NUTRIPROTECTION DAY CREAM LANGÉ NutriProtection Day Cream guards your skin against environmental damage & extreme conditions. It protects your skin from harsh climates, pollution, air-condition dust particles & cigarette smoke. A powerful, protective formula including Shea butter & vitamin E, it is also a super hydrating agent & protects your skin against free-radicals. Use daily, for a beautiful, ideally balanced & healthy-looking complexion. The Unique formula is enriched with essential nutrients, helping your skin to stay young & healthy looking; Dryness is visibly diminished and your skin is completely protected aginst the outside elements; Enjoy the benefits of perfectly hydrated, revitalized skin and a softer, more luminous complexion. Active ingredients: Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Camellia oil (it has restructuring, moisturis..
$189.00 Ex Tax: $171.82
Botanical Prevention Serum
PREVENTION SERUM LANGÉ Prevention Serum is a powerful anti-ageing treatment & an integral part in maintaining the youthful appearance of your skin.  Specially formulated with moisturizing & anti-oxidizing active ingredients, it also contains the algae extract, Padina Pavonica, a bio-technological advancement highly effective in protecting the firmness & elasticity of your skin. Use daily before any other product except Tonic Lotion. Stimulates the internal moisturizing mechanisms of your skin; Promotes elasticity, firmness and a youthful complexion; Aides your skin in defend against environmental aggressors, such as climate, toxins and stress Active ingredients: Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Camellia oil (it has restructuring, moisturising and also excellent film-forming properties so it pampers the skin), Silicium derivative (an efficient an..
$155.00 Ex Tax: $140.91
Botanical Tonic Lotion
BOTANICAL TONIC LOTION Refreshing and non-oily, this lotion is especially formulated for dry & mature skin and/or sensitive skin which requires effective yet gentle product. Best used before applying other products from the anti-ageing line, or alone to energize the skin. With a sweet mild floral fragrance. Regenerative and energizing, with anti-redness activity; Soothing, astringent, emollient and moisturizing; Create an instant impression of comfort; Prepare skin to following skin care treatments. Active ingredients: PCA Sodium (moisturizing and softening agent), Allantoin (Softening, soothing and healing) and Panthenol (Called Pro-Vitamin B5, it is a firming agent and anti-ageing, favours cell renewal). Directions: After make-up removal, put a few drops on a cotton pad and gently swipe over face and throat. Let it works two minutes to allow Lotion to absorb. The..
$60.00 Ex Tax: $54.55