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Intensive Lightening Lotion

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 21806
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INTENSIVE LIGHTENING LOTION (Clear’tonic with Seaweed extracts and Pearl Protein)

LANGÉ Lightening Lotion is particularly rich in actives, in order to start your lightening care treatment in perfect conditions, offset brown spots and eliminate irregular skin tone. It is the first stage in working to improve your complexion, it will help to: Eliminate dead skin cells and melanin deposits; Accelerate cell regeneration process; Prepare skin to Day & Night lightening cares; Improve overall complexion with a smoother, clearer skin.

Main Active Ingredients:

Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), PCA Sodium (moisturizing and softening agent), Vitamin C derivative (it favours collagen synthesis for soft, supple, young-looking skin; as an antioxidising agent, it plays an essential role in boosting radiance by contributing to free radicals scavenging), 4 Flower AHA (a complex of bright Ibiscus, pure white Lily, Frangipani and Bouquet’s Prince (Freesia).  Extracts are enriched with AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). This exclusive ingredient moisturizes and soothes the skin by providing a gentle peeling, which also gives a clearer complexion), Mandarin extract (toning and purifying virtues), Pearl Protein extract (a protein consisting of 20 kinds of amino acid which moisturize skin), Licorice extract (Soothing and antioxidant) and Bamboo extract (Remineralizing, restructuring, revitalizing).

Directions: LANGÉ Lightening Lotion should be used in the morning or at night, on face and neck. After make-up removal, soak cotton pad and swipe over face and throat. Wait 2 minutes to allow Lotion to absorb. Then apply your next LANGÉ Lightening Product.

An even, more luminous complexion, smoother, clearer skin.

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