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Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 23106-1
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While everyone is aware of the importance of removing your make-up at night, the products you choose to take it off can make a huge difference to your skin.As the eye area is very sensitive, LANGÉ has specially formulated this Make-Up remover only for eyes. This super strong formulation is specially designed to remove every last trace of eye make-up, but it is still gentle enough to be used by people with even the most sensitive of skins and won't cause a break-out.Using products that have not been specifically developed for this area can cause a rash and dryness around this already tender spot.

Active ingredients:

Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Camellia oil (it has restructuring, moisturising and also excellent film-forming properties so it pampers the skin), Rice extract (moisturizing and soothing), Squalane (This olive derivative is an emollient an protects the skin against dehydratation), Vitamin C derivative (it favours collagen synthesis for soft, supple, young-looking skin; as an antioxidising agent, it plays an essential role in boosting radiance by contributing to free radicals scavenging), Licorice derivative (Soothing and antioxidant), Tocopherol (Vitamin E, antioxidant), Kiwi extract (Kiwis have an outstanding antioxidant and purifying activity, favours a better cell cohesion), Sweet orange Extract (rich in Vitamins A and C, Oranges invigorate, mineralise and tone the skin, while actively participating to its hydration and regeneration; they also promote radiance) and Angelica extract (Soothing and anti-inflammatory).

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