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Body Beauty Collection (Slimming Gel + Neck & Bust Firming Gel)

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 24408
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LANGÉ Active Slimming Gel helps you to maintain a beautifully contoured body shape. The unique formula contains carefully selected raw materials which moisturize & tone, improving skin texture for a slimmer silhouette. For best results, use daily. Firms & restores skin tone; Fights against the visible signs of cellulite, smoothing dimpled skin; Addresses the accumulation of fatty deposits and water retention; Strengthens slackening of coetaneous tissues.

Active ingredients and their properties:

Witch Hazel extract (firming, astringent, soothing and refreshing properties), Laminaria extract (Richs in amino acid and oligo-elements, slimming, moisturizing and stimulating), Rhatany extract (astringent, regenerating, Anti-stretch mark and healing), Ivy extract (anti-cellulite, draining and toning), Fucus extract (slimming and draining), Rosemary extract (Regenerating and moisturizing) and Coffeine extract (slimming properties, draining, firming, anti-cellulite and antioxidant).

Directions: Massage LANGÉ Active Slimming Gel over hips and abdomen. Use upward strokes on thighs, knees and arms. For best results, apply Gel day and night, after bathing. Complement this treatment with a sensible diet and exercise.


An intensive firming formula specifically designed for the throat & bust, LANGÉ Neck & Bust Firming Gel contains unique active ingredients which tighten & strengthen skin. It preserves skin elasticity & tonicity and is recommended as a preventive treatment against wrinkles & sagging. Use daily, for firmer, more youthful skin. Firms, smoothes and refines the texture of your skin; Tones and redefines the contours of your bust and throat; Bust attains a firmer, more attractive appearance.

Active ingredients:

Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Pea protein (a protein-based complex of Pea and a natural polysaccharide providing an instant lifting effect; its capacity to retain water, combined with its film-forming actions, allows a good skin moisture level), Yeast extract (agent maintains the skin), Gingko Biloba extract (is a free radical scavenger and stimulates micro-circulation), Vine Leaf extract (astringent and soothing benefits) and Witch Hazel extract (firming, astringent, soothing and refreshing properties).

Directions: Apply LANGÉ Neck & Bust Firming Gel after bathing. Using your fingertips, smooth Gel gently over your throat, shoulders, the upper part of your bust and your inner arms. Use this intensive program for three weeks, morning and night. Always apply Gel before applying body lotion.

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