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Instant Matifying Day Gel

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 22506
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Highly effective, Matifying Day Gel is adapted to benefit combination & oily skin types. Quickly absorbent, it hydrates, firms & restores the natural balance of your skin. Matifys skin & creates a smooth, non-oily complexion; Perfectly hydrates, nourishes & soothes oily, acne prone skin; All day complete protection, leaves skin ready to face the external elements.

Key Active Ingredients:

Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Cornflower water (eye calming virtues, soothing, moisturizing and softening), Myrrh extract (healing, antiseptic, astringent and refreshing), Horsetail extracts (rich in silicium, it restructures and re-mineralizes), Sunflower extract (contains omega-3 and omega-6 which moisturise skin) and Wheat germ extract (it is allotted moisturising, restructuring and regenerative virtues).

Directions: As a part of your facial cleansing, we recommend that you apply LANGÉ Vitality Lotion using a cotton ball or facial cleansing pad. Then smooth Matifying Day Gel over face & neck. Allow Gel to dry, before applying make-up. Use daily for a radiant, beautiful complexion. Avoid contact with eyes.

Matifying Day Gel allow you to create a perfectly matt complexion!  Your skin will feel rejuvenated & strengthened, while appearing more youthful & radiant.

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