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Algo-Active Cream
ALGO-ACTIVE CREAM (Face) The ageing of skin could start early in life. It progresses more or less depending on your genes, your life style, your daily diet and the environment you live in. From your thirties, skin becomes dryer, and you suffer from the appearance of premature wrinkles.LANGÉ has developed the Algo-Active Cream, a Prestige and unique care, to act against skin ageing. A powerful ultra-rich Cocktail based, on the Algae PADINA PAVONICA, which stimulates internal moisturizing mechanism for skin suppleness. A highly active formula, which daily use will help: Regeneration of cells and exchange stimulation between them, Hydratation of skin surface. Algo-Active Cream targets 3 specific activities: Preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Maintaining your skin’s softness, firmness and suppleness, Restoring the fresh, youth..
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Phyto-Active Eye Mask
PHYTO-ACTIVE EYE MASK (Eye Contour) LANGÉ  has created this active beauty treatment to help erase wrinkle and signs of fatigue. The Phyto-Active Eye Mask is rich in high technology natural ingredient complexes, to relax and decongest the eye contours. CAVIAR: to activate the métabolism, nourish, restructure, regenerate et remineralize. AMELIOX™: the cosmetic alternative to BOTOX, to fade expression lines away. For a 24% decrease of frown lines and 27% decrease of crow’s feet, after 4 weeks (test conducted on 20 women) SEPILIF™: to stimulate the contraction of collagen fibres, protects elastine and fibroblasts, with a powerful anti-wrinkle action. Phyto-Active Eye Mask targets 3 specific activities: Relax and decongest the eye contours; Enable a better blood circulation around the eyes; Erase signs of fatigue and wrinkles. Direction of use: Apply to cleanse..
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