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Silky Shower Gel

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 21205
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This shower gel surround body with its smoothing foam, and maintain skin health & beauty with its tonifying, regenerating et brightening action, thanks to its fruit extracts. Shower is a pleasure and relaxing experience, thanks to its Pomegrenade scent.

Active ingredients:

Glycerine (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Panthenol (Called Pro-Vitamin B5, it is a firming agent and anti-ageing, favours cell renewal), Pomegrenade (regenerating, astringent, anti-oxydant against Free Radicals), Grapefruit extract (tones, astringent, firms and gentle exfoliating), Blood Orange (high concentration in Vitamin C, anti-oxydant, detoxifying).

Directions: Massage with circular motion on whole body, then rinse away.

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