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SPF 50+ Sun Block

Brand: Lange Paris
Product Code: 24909
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SUNBLOCK CREAM SPF50+ (Face Application)

The new face protection cream is suitable for first exposure to the sun, and for phototypes requiring a high anti UVA - UVB protection. Rich in natural plant extracts LANGÉ Sunblock helps you enjoy the sun safely. Well protected, skin is more resistant darkening and to premature ageing.

LANGÉ SPF 50+ cream  helps skin to: Stay supple, smooth and well moisturized. Retain its vitality and youthful beauty.

Active ingredients: Aloe Vera: soothing, healing and particularly moisturizing thanks to its high content in amino-acids, enzymes, minerals and natural Vitamine C; Camélia: restructures, moisturizes and reconstructs skin’s protective film layer; Concomber: rich in amino-acids and mineral salts, it has moisturizing, purifying and refreshing activity. Leaves the skin soft; Hamamelis: astringent, anti-redness.

Directions: Apply a thick layer all over face, 20 minutes before a lasting exposure to the day light or the sun. For a powerful protection against UVA & UVB and sun darkening.

WARNING! Sunscreen needs to be reapplied within 2 hours in order to remain effective.

A protected and moisturized face.



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